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The VidyoConferencing™ Portfolio

Everything You Need for Scalable and Affordable HD Video Conferencing

At last, multipoint video conferencing that is natural, universally available and affordable. The VidyoRouter™ architecture delivers low latency, high definition video conferencing over general data networks and the Internet, using off-the-shelf devices. Vidyo’s architecture dynamically optimizes video quality to the network and to the capabilities of individual endpoint devices in order to deliver telepresence-quality experiences for each participant. Vidyo provides all this and more, at a fraction of the cost of alternatives.

Technology should be invisible. People don’t think about jet propulsion when boarding a plane, or about torque when driving a car. So why worry about latency, error resiliency, and firewall traversal when holding a video conference?

Video communication should be as simple, natural, and universal as sending an email. It should work with any device, on any available network, and be accessible to everyone at an affordable price.  And yet when Vidyo™ was founded in 2005, these common-sense concepts seemed quite radical.