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The Market Leader in Network Security Policy Management

Founded in 2003, AlgoSec enables security and operations teams to intelligently manage security policies across firewalls, routers, VPNs and related devices, increasing operational efficiency and improving risk mitigation for organizations worldwide. Today, more than 800 enterprises, MSSPs and auditors in over 40 countries and across all industry verticals use AlgoSec solutions. From mid-sized enterprises and Fortune 500 companies to all Big Four auditing firms, organizations choose AlgoSec for its unique combination of superior technology and commitment to customer satisfaction.Award-Winning Solutions

Comprised of AlgoSec’s Firewall Analyzer (AFA) policy analysis solution and AlgoSec FireFlow change workflow automation solution, the AlgoSec Security Management Suite enables the complete management and control of the network security policy. With support for all major firewall vendors and security devices, the Security Management Suite automates labor- intensive tasks traditionally associated with firewall operations, change management, auditing, compliance and risk analysis. The Security Management Suite has received numerous industry accolades, including the only 5/5 rating from SC magazine and Info Security Products Guide’s best policy management finalist.

Innovative Technology

Originally developed by AlgoSec CTO, Prof. Avishai Wool, at Bell Research Labs, AlgoSec solutions are powered by the most comprehensive technology for security policy analysis and management. The company’s patented, Deep Policy Inspection™ technology includes the largest knowledgebase for policy risk analysis and optimization, enabling AlgoSec solutions to provide more actionable results with greater accuracy than ever possible.

Since its inception, AlgoSec has delivered many "industry-first" innovations including:

  • Deep Policy Inspection™ featuring topology-aware analysis.
  • FireFlow, the first commercially available solution for security change workflow automation.
  • Provider Edition to meet the unique needs of managed security service providers (MSSPs).
  • ActiveChange™ technology for automatic execution of firewall changes.

Obsession for Customer Satisfaction

Since its inception, AlgoSec is deeply committed to ensure the satisfaction of  each and every customer. AlgoSec’s “obsession” for customer satisfaction has driven the company’s mission, guided its corporate culture and resulted in a strong competitive advantage.
AlgoSec’s obsession for customer satisfaction is expressed through the following corporate mandates:

  • Offering the industry's only money back guarantee to ensure complete satisfaction for every customer.
  • Operating with honesty and integrity,  delivering even on the most challenging promises.
  • Contractually committing all employees and channel partners to the assurance of customer satisfaction.


 Watch AlgoSec's CEO talk about the company's commitment to customer satisfaction:


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